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Our hand-crafted electronic cigarettes are machined and assembled using the highest quality materials and components available. Our unique design was derived from dozens of computer-aided design iterations coupled with user-driven enhancements and expert machinist advice.

Our goal is to help you break free of tobacco use!

Thank you GrimmGreen for this great Super-Mini review:

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March 27 2009 - Associated Content: Doctor Tells Sen. Lautenburg: Cancel Your Opposition to the Electronic Cigarette

March 25 2009 - Associated Content: Does Big Pharm Have Links to an Anti E-Cigarette Campaign?

March 24, 2009: Senator and Anti-Smoking Groups Want to Ban Less Harmful E-Cigarettes and Protect the Most Toxic Ones

March 23, 2009 - The Hill Washington DC: Sen. Lautenberg wants to snuff out electronic cigarettes.

March 14 2009 - NY Daily News: Electronic cigarette, or 'e-cigarette' may be a valid way for smokers to cut back

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